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Improve conversion with data-driven approach

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All user data in one place

People view provides you with all users in one place. Customize it to display key information for your business.

All key information about users in one place

Full client list at your fingertips

Advanced filtering

Set filters to browse through your user base without a single line of code

Find the most promising leads and deliver special support

Target your messages with segments based on user's attributes and behaviour

User profile

Global traffic data is not enough. Personal information is what you need for automating personalized communication

See people, not numbers

The more personal data you have, the more engaging and targeted your conversations can be

Know every pageview and event of each visitor

Gather his personal information such as social media profiles, language and location

User history timeline

See your user journey at a glance with all interactions stored in a single timeline

Stop redirecting messages. All agents get access to client info

All messages from different channels in one place

Custom attributes

Focus on what matters in your business. Add your own attributes such as purchased products or trial days left.

There are no limits to information you can gather

Build effective, data-driven sales funnels

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