Show a modal to new visitors

Show a specific modal to new visitors who for the first time visit your pricing page. Follow up with a chat message to highlight that he/she has made a great choice to click and find out more about the prices.

Let's start from Trigger: Page Visit (URL: pricing - remember to insert it from a small letter, no letters can be capitalized) and then connect it to Filters: Page views → 1. It's time to apply Actions: Show a modal (with a button to continue to find out more about special prices).

Drop Delay to check after 30 seconds if a person has clicked the modal or not. Do it by choosing Clicked Modal?. If yes, then let's show a new chat message with "Hi, thanks for your interest. If there is anything else I can do for you, just let me know!" (Action: Send a new chat message)

If no, let's show another message to encourage the person to check the prices.


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