Notify an agent when a VIP is online

I want to show you how to turn your offline database of super important contacts into a functional online tool that detects their activity on your website and start a dedicated action to nurture them properly.

You need to start from importing your database of contacts to UserEngage. Don’t forget to add a tag “VIP”. You can do it in your CSV file or simply add one tag during the import. Go to Contacts → Import data to find out more.

When you are all set, you can start building your action path. Go with Trigger: Page Visit (leave the space empty so it’ll detect the activity of your visitors on every page), and then connect it with Condition: Filters → tag (VIP). It means that whenever a person labelled as VIP enters your website, an action will be performed.

You want to take a special care of such an important person on your website so connect it with the Action module: Email agent. In this way, an assigned agent/agents will handle all the messages coming from the VIP person.

Of course, it doesn’t have to refer only for people requiring some special treatment. You can have the module: Email agent working if you want to automatically notify an agent if there is a person who visits pricing page for the 10th time (yes, it means something, right?). Simply add Filters: Page views: more than 10 and you’re all done :)


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