Hook the visitors with a chat message on a specific page

If somebody visits your pricing page, without any doubts the person is interested in your prices. Use it and “hook” the lead with a chat message designed to a particular group visiting the page.

Create an action path based on Trigger: Page Visit and insert an excerpt or a full URL (f.e. “pricing”), where the message needs to appear. Now, go with Conditions: FiltersPage views: 1 (the very first visit on this particular page) and Browser language (contains): pl (if the browser language is set to Polish). Connect the elements (Trigger → Condition → Action).

Time to go with another module of FiltersPage views: 1 and Browser language (does not contain): pl. It means that a different chat message will be shown to every person whose browser language isn’t Polish.

Now, add first Action: Send a chat message (with the Polish message) and connect it with the first Filters and second Action (to be connected with the second Filters) with the English message: Hi there! Do you want to find out more about our prices? Ping me, I will be happy to help!

When you save the message, click “once” (a user will see this message only once and not every time the condition is met!). You don’t have to limit yourself to just a pricing page. It can be any kind of page you want!


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