Get phone numbers of your users with a form

Imagine how your users might feel when they are not appreciated while performing a certain action on your website. Not only should you provide the information about a successful transaction but you should also appreciate their effort by sending a short “thank you” note. Do it with a text message!

If you don’t have a telephone number to your users, all is not lost yet! With UserEngage, you can create a form to be shown only to those people whose telephone numbers don’t appear in the database. Then, you can use it to different marketing tasks.

All you need to do is to start the action path from Trigger: Page Visit (leave the space empty so it’ll detect the activity of your visitors on every page), and then connect it with Condition: FiltersPhone number (unknown) and Action: Show a form (choose the form you want to show).

You can continue the path by checking if a given user has already submitted the form. Go with Action: Delay(choose the length of time before it’s checked if the person has done it) and Condition: Submitted form?

If a user hasn’t submitted the form, you can go with Action: Send a chat message (f.e. Hi [name]. Are you sure you don’t want to receive a special offer in a text message? :) Simply enter the number in the form!


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