Event Confirmation Campaign

We want to send an event confirmation campaign to every person that has been added to the list "Conference 2016", which means that he/she paid the entry fee. We'll send an email campaign and depending on the recipients' behavior, we will send another one or follow up with a chat message. Upon confirmation, we'll automatically add a person to the list "Confirmed 2016".

Let's start from Trigger: On date and time. It's a very powerful module because it starts the action path to every single person in your database if you don't apply any kind of Conditions.

To send an email campaign from the list "Conference 2016" and whose email address is known, we need to insert Filers: Lists → contains; Email → any. Now, every person receives the email (Action: Send a new email campaign). In the email, there is a link to confirm the participation.

If a given person clicks the link, then by connecting the module Chat message with the previous one "on sent", your recipients will see a chat message with a short note "Hi [name], thanks for confirming your participation ...". Additionally, everybody who confirms, gets added to a new list "Confirmed 2016" by inserting a new module Add to a list and connecting it with the chat message module.

Now, let's drag Delay and connect it with the email campaign module "on sent". It makes the app check after a given amount of time, for example 24 hours, if people have clicked the link by inserting Email Action. Tick "click".

If the answer is yes, then no further action. But, if the answer is no, let's send a new email campaign with a kind reminder to confirm the participation (Action: Send a new email campaign). Let's connect "on click" with the previous module of chat message. And then, the person automatically is going to be added to the list "Confirmed 2016".


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