Your profile settings

Start with going to the profile setting in order to edit the information:

  • first and last name
  • profile picture (avatar that your customers will see)
  • set up your language and timezone
  • change your password, theme and email settings

You can get back here anytime and change the information to whatever you want.

Let’s consider some issues in details:

  • To change the password you need to enter your old password, followed by your new password which you need to confirm;
  • In theme settings you can choose the style for our dashboard to meet with your preferences.
  • In email settings you decide if you want to receive a daily summary of your emails and notifications about new chat messages.
    • Statistics - send me a daily summary
    • Messages - notify me about new chat messages
  • Add your photo to give the communication a personal touch. You can skip this step, but we recommend to upload a picture to show your visitors that you are a professionalist. To upload a photo, select a file and click upload in your profile page.