Team members

Invite your co-workers and your support team to the app.

Invite a team member

Customer Support is made by people for people. So, you need to invite team members. Your team members are “agents”. Create the very best Support team and provide your users with attention they deserve!

Go to Team Members → Invite an agent. Provide the email address of the person and all the information about the app will be automatically included in the invitation email.

Agent groups

When you assign work, you want to distribute your agents accordingly depending on their knowledge and skills. If you have a team of IT specialists you can simply create a group of agents who will gather only those of a given field.

Go to Settings → Team Members → Agent groups. Here, you name the group, you can also decide on an avatar for the team. Next, add team members who will be included in this group.

Assignment rules

If you go to Team Members → Assignment Rules, you can assign a particular group of agents to be responsible for a users who writes to you from a given segment.

For example, let’s assign every conversion that comes from a user from the segment “French” to the agent group “Agents in French”. In this way, all the French speaking customers will be handled in their native language.

To proceed, you need to start with creating a segment. You can do it in the People section. Simply go to Filters → Referer: contains: facebook. In this way, you will see all the people that come from Facebook. If you click the “plus” button next to search, a new segment will be created.

To create a group of agents switch to Agent groups.

Now, go to Team Members → Assignment Rules and create new. When you decide on different assignment rules, then you can prioritize them (using the green and red arrow). The importance of the rule is based on its vertical position - the higher the rule is, the more important it is.

Access levels

You may not want to give full access to everything in UserEngage. It’s you who decides what kind of access levels your agents have.

Simply go to Team Members → Access levels to decide on the permissions granted to your agents. All agents have access to all sections in UserEngage but you can decide whether:

  1. they can send email messages to your users
  2. they can import, export, delete and update the information about users

All you need to do is to tick the box to grant access. For example, you may want to allow your agents to send emails but not to export and delete the user data.