Tags are a way to mark your users personally. Having done it, you can use Filters to show users with a specific tag (or without it).


After a brief conversation with a user who seems to be able to spend a lot of money on your service you can go to his profile and add a tag like: “VIP”. By creating a segment of users with a tag “VIP” you can set up alerts for your agents so that they can deliver additional assistance for the big spenders. You can also personalise your communication by sending them newsletters with high-end products only.

How to add a tag:

  1. Go to User profile
  2. Click “Add a tag” button on your left
  3. Type in desired tag name (can be multiple, separated by commas)
  4. Click “Save”

Done! Your tag has been created, and can be re-used whenever you want, with no need to create it all over again.