Modals can be called a sort of a pop-up window with a call-to-action button. There is a difference between a form and a modal, because modals have no fields to fill in with information. Their design is also slightly different.

The main goal of modals (or pop-up windows) is that you want your user to react to it by accepting or declining it (clicking a button).


You can make a modal to ask a user if he would like to get an email notification when the shoes he is viewing will be discounted.

In order to create a new modal:

  1. Go to Engage section → Modals
  2. Click “Create new”
  3. Choose from a list of different modal templates
  4. Adjust the fields on your left. Including message and button text. You will see the changes being introduced on the right.
  5. Click save
  6. Done!
Important: You don’t have to worry about making the modal appear on your website. All you need to do is to insert “Show a modal” in Actions. When the action path is enabled, the modal will automatically show up depending on the conditions.