Manage Columns

People section is where all the data about your contacts is being gathered.

Each contact can have multiple attributes. Each of them is displayed in a different column: for example: Email, First seen and many more.

Here is how you can manage the information displayed on this dashboard:

  1. Click Select Columns
  2. Choose the columns that you want to be displayed
  3. Save changes

Standard attributes

We have prepared a set of predefined attributes including your visitor’s for example

  • browser
  • browser language
  • time since the first visit


Knowing that, you can adjust the language version of messages appearing on the screen. Send an automated welcome chat message “Hola, como puedo ayudarte?” to all visitors with Spanish as their browser language.

Custom attributes

Gather the data you need by defining the custom attributes you need. You can change the data type to bolean, integer, date and string.

Send your own attribute “customer ID” and it’ll automatically appear in Filters, Actions and ready to use inside emails. See only those whose ID is between 1-10 and then, create an email campaign with a special message for your loyal customers.