Intercom importer

At UserEngage we value simple solutions. That’s why, when we’ve received a large number of requests how to import all the data our current customers have at Intercom, we decided to create a direct importer.

The only thing you need to do is to go to Settings → Import Data. We ask for your patience since the bigger your database is, the longer the import will take.

Required data

You will be required to fill in your Intercom app ID, as well as API Key. Both are obtainable through your Intercom dashboard.

Fields required for Intercom import

Find your APP ID as well as create API key at this URL<your_app_id>/settings/api-keys

API Key view

What data can I import?

  • All user data
  • All lead data
  • Users attributes
  • Users tags
  • Users notes
  • Contacts*
  • Conversations**
  • * only if a user/lead has filled email address field
    ** only if account used to import data has required privileges