In order to manage your contacts you need to be able to find the users with given attributes. You can do it by filtering your user base.

Filters can be found in multiple sections - whenever you need to filter your users. Here is how you can use them: We will take the People section as an example:

  1. Go to People page
  2. Click a small filter icon on the right side of the screen
  3. Now you see the list of all user attributes that are available.
  4. Choose between OR or AND operator
    • OR - means: find all contacts that have at least one of the following attributes
    • AND - means find all contacts that have all of the following attributes
  5. Select attributes
    • click on the checkbox of an attribute - for example “city”
    • choose logical expression associated with the attribute - for example “equal”
    • type in the value - for example “New York”
  6. Done! You now have a complete list of contacts from New York


Except attributes you can also filter your users by events they have performed.


Select only those who have added a blue T-shirt, size 38 to the cart but hasn’t finished the purchased. This knowledge will enable you to create powerful email campaigns to keep the leads nurtured.