Big data is said to be “the big thing”. At UserEngage we believe that collecting the data in one place is as important as the process of gathering it. That’s why, we give you an ability to see w what specific users are doing on your website gives you powerful knowledge that enables to decide on actions toward them.


When you enter the People section, you will see a table with all the people that have ever visited your website. Filter them and create segments, add tags and manage the columns. It’s updated in a real-time.

User profile

A very detailed insight into what individual people are doing on your website. Check what pages they visit and events perform. Not only do you have the basic information but you can observe what they are interested in based on their moves on your website.


When you go to Emails → Contacts, you will see an entire list of all the people whose email address you have. You can also export the data to a CSV file.

Visitor behaviour

It’s a log of all the page views of the people on your website. Referer goes to the previously visited page whereas URL refers to the last visited page.