CSV File

When it comes to importing your data: users, contacts and conversations to UserEngage, I’m sure you’re already in possession of the data of your users you want to use.To make the process faster, you can import your data from your Intercom and MailChimp account.

How to import data?

Do it from a CSV file. At UserEngage we want to make your life easier so we enable to import almost an unlimited number of records from a CSV file with a few clicks. Just follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Emails - > Contacts section
  2. Click Import contacts
  3. Choose the CSV file containing your user list
  4. You can add a tag for contacts from this import More about tags here
  5. You can also select an existing list to add these contacts to. E.g. “newsletter subscribers” More about lists here
  6. Match columns from your file with our in-app attributes. If you want to upload custom atributes, you can create it during the upload process.
  7. Start uploading. It takes ~ 4 minutes for 100k records.

What can I do with the users?

You can add the tags, which help to keep everything organized. Tags are very similar to segments but here, we need to be more specific. You can add certain tags to particular individual people. Each person can have many tags. Having done it, you can use Filters to show something to users with a specific tag (or without it).

What else?

Create your first list of users. Group your users into lists. Lists give you an ability to have particular users organized into groups. Have your close friends, co-workers or anyone else grouped thanks to lists. To add people to lists, just simply create a list in Emails → Users Lists and then, choose who you want to add in the People section by clicking Manage → add to a list.