Create an email campaign

You can send campaigns scheduled on a specific day to your target group. Also, you can use them inside Actions. All you need to do is to go to Emails → Campaigns. Hit the button “Create a new campaign”.

Few steps to send a campaign

A campaign allows you to send messages to a selected group of people. You can pick time and date to send your campaign. It also gives you an ability to run A/B tests by choosing one or more emails that you have already created.

  1. Campaign name

    You can see the name of your campaign in your dashboard. Remember, the campaign name isn't the same as the title of an email.

  2. Campaign description

    Only you can see the description. You can add it to understand your campaign better when you come back to it later.

  3. Choose the message you want to send

    You need to choose at least one email to send. If you want to send more, decide on versions - A,B and more. Every email message has its own title and content. You create them in Email Messages.

    If you want to send two emails, then the system automatically chooses the version that a recipient receives. So, 50% of recipients get version A, the remaining 50% - version B. Thanks to this option, you can see in your analytics which version is more effective (the number of openings and clicks).

    You can choose up to 10 different versions to send (A,B,C,D...). But, remember that the more versions you have, the bigger the recipient group should be to measure the effectiveness of a given message.

  4. Select recipients

    Select your recipients by choosing them separately or using Filters located on your right. If you filter your users, you don't need to select them separately because they will be automatically selected and presented in the next step. Important: if you create a campaign and send it using Actions, you don't select your recipients manually because the choice of recipients is based on certain conditions in Actions

  5. Your selected recipients

    Here, you can see who will receive your campaign. If you send this campaign using Actions, this list can be empty.

  6. Final step

    Awesome, it's the final step! Decide if you want to send the campaign now or save it as a draft.

    If you want to send the campaign now, change the status to Active. Otherwise, it'll remain a draft you can edit later.

    Scheduled at
    Plan the time to send your campaign - pick both time and date in a timezone of your choice.