UserEngage live chat widget is a real-time communication tool.

It has two sides:

  1. Visitors communicate with a small chat widget in the bottom right part of their web browser.
  2. Agents respond from Conversations section→ chat panel

How can you send live chat messages to given people:

  1. People section → click on conversation icon next to user’s name. It will take you to chat panel with an opened conversation with the user.
  2. People section → click checkbox next to user’s name → Send message → chat messages → type in your message to all selected users
  3. Conversations section → chat panel → find the user on the list of last contacted
  4. User profile → send messages straight from the central window when you hit “Chat”
  5. You can also send automated chat messages using our action tool

Messaging offline users:

When you send a live chat message to people who are currently logged out, it will be delivered to them in a form of an email.

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