Add users with emailed links

When cold mailing or sending press releases, it’s really important to be able to track what your prospect was doing on your website. This helps you measure your effectiveness, user interest and deliver full email automation without having to ask for email on website.

Here is how it works and when it’s useful.

  1. You send an email to a person who hasn’t yet visited your website
  2. In the email you include any link to your website
  3. UserEngage adds tracking capabilities to your link
  4. Your receiver clicks the link and goes to your website for the first time
  5. UserEngage creates his profile and adds his email address to it

Done! Your prospect has been added as a new contact with email information already there!

Every time you send an email and include any link to your website, UserEngage will transform this link so that when the receiver clicks it, he is taken to your website and automatically added to the userbase with the email adress where you sent the link.