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Autopilot helps companies of all sizes and industries to automate their marketing, rekindle old customer relationships, reach new audiences, and grow their bottom line.


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UserEngage is a marketing automation platform for big and small companies. It collects all the possible data about users to provide them with personalized messages via chat, email, SMS, forms and pop-ups.

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Thinking about an alternative to Autopilot?

Here is all you need to know to decide if switching is the right idea for you.

Below you have a breakdown of differences between Autopilot and UserEngage.

Advanced communication channels

Both services have a similar model of automating communication. The basic difference is the set of actions you can perform.

  1. UserEngage gets ahead with customization of the following channels:
    • Live chat

      Go beyond just colour and button appearance. You can change the way our live chat looks and feels so that it perfectly matches your website style.

    • Pop-ups

      You can display heads-up messages as banners, sidebars, floating messages, middle-of-the-screen modals and more.

    • Dynamic forms

      You can automate showing your visitors custom dynamic HTML forms. You don’t need to code them on your website. Simply choose from our template base or upload and edit your own HTML designs

Mailing system

Autopilot has a similar mailing system to UserEngage. The difference lies in design and tracking capabilities.

  1. Design:

    UserEngage lets you create and edit your HTML email templates right in the app

  2. Tracking:

    UserEnagage offers a unique tracking feature. Here is how it works:

    • You write an email with a link to your website inside
    • You send it as a cold email to a list of contacts that have not yet visited your page
    • Once they click the link and get to the website, the system creates their profile with the email address already there

    This simple tricks can greatly improve your cold email effectiveness as it lets you check contact’s behaviour and begin personalized communication from the first minute.

UserEngage takes support as nr. 1 priority

We have 3 simple policies guaranteeing best user support

  • 24/7 on the spot support
    No redirecting, no waiting. We strive to give answers on the spot.
  • Devs on the chat
    Talking with support about API is usually a nightmare. This is why our entire dev team is also on chat to support you.
  • Consultations
    You can get a one-on-one working session with automation experts and get:
    • feedback on your website
    • ideas on how to improve conversion
    • a plan of implementations that suits their website, business type and audience

UserEngage is more affordable.

UserEngage and Autopilot share an almost identical pricing policy.
Yet we made our tool cheaper. The savings depend on the amount of users you have. Drop us a line and we will send you a guaranteed savings statement. As simple as that.

Don’t take our word for it

To sum up

You get additional features including

  • Fully customizable live chat
  • Customizable pop-up messages
  • HTML forms
  • out of the box FullContact integration
  • Unique cold email tracking feature
  • Devs on the chat

And you still get a lower bill.

If that’s something you need, we have good news:

You can move all your contacts from Autopilot to UserEngage with few clicks.
Here is how to do that:

  • Begin your free UserEngage trial
  • Export your Autopilot contacts to a .csv file
  • Go to your UserEngage app and import them from the .csv file.

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