Use drip campaigns to win the lost prospects back

How many times have you let your leads flee because you haven’t nurtured them enough? With UserEngageyou can improve your churn rate with Actions.

Let’s say you want to create an action path that targets every person that hasn’t visited your website for more than 14 days and send a drip campaign to ask about their feedback and reward them for their effort.

Start with Trigger: On date&time. It means that on a given day, your action will start for all your users in your database if you don’t apply Filters: Last visit: more than 14 days ago and less than 30 days ago; Email: any. Add Action: Send an email campaign with an email: “Hi [name], I see you’ve last visited [last_page_viewed] and you stopped right there more than 2 weeks ago! Just wondering … what’s the reason of it? Super busy, kidnapped by aliens? It’d be awesome to see you on [wesbite_name] again where two questions about the feedback are waiting for you. If you answer them, we prepared a little surprise for you :) Simply click the link below!”.

So, we need to add via “on click” the module of Action: Show a form (choose the form you want to show with two questions for feedback). Next, Delay(choose the length of time before it’s checked if the person has done it) and Condition: Submitted form?

Now, Action: Show a modal (with a specially tailored modal with “Thanks for your feedback! We extended the November promotion for extra 3 days for you!”).

On the contrary, if the person hasn’t reacted to the first email campaign, to “on sent” option of the module, add Action: Delay(3 days) to check if the person has clicked the link with Condition: Email action (click). If the person hasn’t reacted, then add Action: Send an email campaign with a kind reminder “Hi [name]. Are you sure you don’t want to take advantage of our special November promotion? It ends today!”. So, if the person clicks → The same path as described above with a new modal.


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