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Show your users that you appreciate that they joined the community, when they decided for a free trial. Let's create an event, when a registration form has been submitted. Next, we will create an action path to target every single registered person to deliver as much personalized messages as possible.

We're going to start from Trigger: Event Trigger(described above). We assume that during the registration process, the email address will be automatically gathered. That's why, let's create Action: Send a chat message with a message "Hi [name], great to have you here! In your inbox, there is an email waiting for you with all the information you need about the app".

Next, we connect that module with Action: Send a new email campaign . In the email, there will be a link to your "Beginner's guide", After 24hours (Action: Delay ; we connect it via "on sent"), we check if a given user has already clicked the link by Condition: Email Action (click). What's more, connect the campaign module via "on click" to Action: Send a chat message, where you say thank you to your users for their interest and offer help if any on-boarding step isn't clear.

If after checking the conditions, it turns out that a given person has clicked the link, then after 24 hours will receive a new campaign and a person who hasn't checked "Beginner's guide" will get a new email campaign (Action: Send a new email campaign) with the link to the guide. We connect this module via "on click" with the already created chat message module.

Coming back to our second campaign (if a user clicks, he/she will go to the Beginner's guide and after 24 hours will get a new campaign), if somebody clicks the link, then a form will be shown (Action: Show a form ). If the person submits it (we check it via Condition: Form Submitted?), let's send an email campaign to say thank you for submitting it.

But, if somebody doesn't submit the form, then Action: Send a new email campaign with a kind request to submit the form (then we connect it with the module).

We can go on with creating paths like Delay and followed by Send a new email campaign to create powerful follow-up campaigns (also for on-boarding!).


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