Sneak peek for specific users

Somebody visits your blog for the 5th or 6th time. Still, the person hasn’t been appreciated nor has the person received any kind of recommendation list what to read next.

Don’t waste the precious traffic you’ve got on your website and win the leads based on the pages they visit. For example, let’s show a form with a kind request to enter the email address if the person visits your blog multiple times. In exchange, you can promise a special content you’ve been working on (‘you-can’t-publish-it’ sort of thing).

All you need to do is to start the action path from Trigger: Page Visit (contains:blog), and then connect it with Condition: FiltersEmail (unknown), Page Views: 3 and Action: Show a form (choose the form you want to show).

At the same time, connect the filters with with Action: Send a chat message (f.e. Hi [name]. I see you’re more than interested in [...] posts! Awesome! I have some backstage materials for the next blog post I want to share with you. Yes, just you (TOP SECRET!). All you need to do is to enter your email address and you’ll get it straightaway).

You can continue the path by checking if a given user has already submitted the form. Go with Action: Delay(choose the length of time before it’s checked if the person has done it) and Condition: Submitted form? If the person has submitted the form, let’s do Action: Send an email campaign with the special TOP SECRET content. 


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