Open door campaigns

Prospecting campaigns are said to drive fewer direct, or last-touch conversions than retargeting campaigns but it doesn’t mean they are doomed to a low reply rate. With UserEngage you can maximize the effects of your prospecting campaigns with these simple tricks.

Let’s say that you met the Project Manager of a company ABS at the Marketing conference. You barely exchanged a few words and got a business card. You know that your solution would be appreciated only by a technical person so you need to use this contact to get to the development team of the company ABS.

Create an action path with a prospecting email campaign to get in touch with a decisive person to speak about your solution.

So, you entered contact details of 10 different people whose business cards you received and whose development teams you want to get in touch with. While importing them to the app, add a tag “marketingconference”.

Now, go to Actions and start with Trigger: On date&time. Now, apply Filters: Tag (contains): marketingconference. In this way, the action will run only for this specific group of contacts. Add Action: Send an email campaign: “Hi [name]. My name is … and we met during the XYZ conference. Thanks for the connection. I need to admit that I think you’re doing a great job at [company] and it would be great to stay in touch!”.

If the person replies, you can directly ask any kind of contact information to their development team. However, what should you do with these people who haven’t reacted to your message?

Connect Action: Delay (7 days) and Condition: Email Action (open) → NO: Action: Send an email campaign (f.e. “Hi [name]! I can imagine how busy you are doing stuff at [name_of_a_company] but I just wanted to drop you a line to stay connected! It’d be great if you can connect me with your development team so that we can discuss possible solutions for [name_of_a_company] and [name_of_your_company] for maximizing the profits from XYZ.”

You don’t have to limit yourself to a prospecting campaigns. You can use retargeting campaigns too. As long as you use the Condition module: Email Action, you can check what your users have done with the emails they got from you.


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