Give a discount to your Facebook followers

Have the app recognize the people coming from Facebook and create a special modal with a discount to this target group. Follow up with an email campaign and a form, where you ask about preferences. Meet your users expectations with a well-tailored campaign!

Let's start from Trigger: Page visit. Leave the space in the configure section blank so everybody who visits your page will be recognized. Next, apply
Filters: Referrer → facebook.

It's time for Action: Show a modal where you pick a particular modal you've created. Let it be a special 20% discount on a new menu for your Facebook followers.

Apply Delay to check after 24 hours if you've got email addresses to your target group (Filters: Email → any).

Now, add Send a new email campaign to only those who have given you the email address. There's a link inside the email and if a person clicks, then he/she will be redirected to your website and see a form asking about thumbs up/down about the food tried (Action: Show a form).

After 1h (Delay), apply Submitted form? to check who has submitted the form. Depending on the answer, send an email campaign to both groups (Action: Send a new email campaign).


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