Get the data out of the traffic you paid for

You pay for AdWords campaign and of course you want to see whether it’s effective or not. On top of that, you actually pay for this particular traffic on your website. This group of visitors is especially valuable because they have been filtered by reacting to a particular ad. You simply can’t lose such highly scored prospects. Start gathering the data you need in exchange for a specially tailored offer.

All you need to do is to start the action path from Trigger: Page Visit (leave the space empty so it’ll detect the activity of your visitors on every page), and then connect it with Condition: FiltersEmail (unknown), Page views: 1 and Referrer (contains): XYZ (use Campaign URL Builder to create URLs for custom campaigns for website tracking) and andAction: Show a form (choose the form you want to show).

Now, continue the path by checking if a given user has already submitted the form. Go with Action: Delay(choose the length of time before it’s checked if the person has done it) and Condition: Submitted form? If the person has submitted the form, let’s do  Action: Send a chat message (f.e. Hi [name]. Awesome you’re IN! Our little surprise has been sent to the provided email address. Check it out!) and also Send an email campaign.


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