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Live Chat

Positive, smart. Mobile ready!

Chat widget

Simple & powerful conversations

A live chat which helps to engage your visitors by automated & personalized in-app messages.

Supporting your customers with live chat has never been easier. Be there when your clients need you. Enhance your growth and customer satisfaction.
Just keep on chatting once you start.

Your visitors want to become your customers, show them it’s worth it!

Simple & powerful invitation.

UserEngage offers you an easy, efficient and elegant way of keeping up with your client’s needs.

By using our application you can customize the look of the live chat widget according to your needs.


Chat widget

Positive, smart. Mobile ready.

We created this application to meet all expectations you might have from a live chat application

Our live chat will speed up your daily customer service. It will change the way you communicate with your visitors.

Email marketing

Create relationship with your visitors

Email Marketing

Email marketing to deliver results

Nurture your leads by creating an automated and personalized email campaign.

All modern email marketing features and more. e.g Our widget recognize users who comes from email campaing, so user is automating logged to the chat.

Marketing automation

Automate your time-consuming tasks

Right actions for the right people

Use our powerful modules: Triggers, Conditions and Actions. Generate and nurture leads, onboard your customers in a super easy way.

Drag & drop the elements to build paths which automate the user engagement processes.

Other Features


We track all the user activities to see what your visitor is doing.


If you want to include more information on your users, just let us know. Send us the custom attributes.


The application collects all the possible information about every single user.


Keep an eye on all details about visitors in a quick and easy way. It leads to in-depth knowledge and allows to have such function leads.

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