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UserEngage equals Marketing Automation

We believe that integrating all the data in one place is the first step to automate the processes connected with sending personalized messages. UserEngage makes this automation possible with the intuitive marketing campaign builder - Actions.

Stop annoying your users with irrelevant contents and start engaging them with well-tailored messages! Let’s create a welcome chat message to everybody who visit you from Facebook or show a form to those people whose email address you don’t have.


Use your creativity!

UserEngage gives you an ability to use all the collected data to create powerful marketing campaigns with “drag&drop” Actions. Simply, drag and drop elements (Trigger, Condition, Action) and connect them with each other. Add as many elements as you want.

Decide on your target group and send them a personalized email campaign. If somebody adds an item to the cart, let’s send a “thank you” note to everybody whose address is known. People without the email address in the database will see a form with a kind request to provide this information.

The best Marketing Automation platform is at your fingertips. Imagine how powerful your marketing campaigns will become
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