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Chat and engage your users based on the data you've got about them. We're covering every action your users perform on your website.

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Many agents to answer many questions

Create your Customer Support team at UserEngage and keep communicating your users with the real-time online communication tools.

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Better customer service = better sales

Your sales will boost up to 30% thanks to the increase of user satisfaction. Understand the needs of your users and show them personalized messages they want to see.

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Ms. Jane writes an email to your email address support@yourstore.com asking about product X. The message is automatically sent through our system, and it will be shown in our live chat.

Jane receives an answer into her inbox, and she will be able to see the full conversation on your website.


Hey John, your customer left you a message at 4AM this morning. You woke up at 7AM, you've read the message and replied at 7:05AM using live chat. After up to 5 minutes, your customer receives an email with your reply.

Your customer can reply using "reply" button. The content of his message will appear in your live chat panel.

Intuitive live chat!

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Dynamic segments

Create dynamic segments of users to send them customized messages faster and easier. Pre-define your filters and save them as segments to help you find certain groups of people. Segments give you an ability to count how many people meet certain conditions in Filters.

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Assign agents to conversations

Your customers will ask various questions. Assign your team members accordingly to their knowledge & skills. Be ready to answer any kind of question your users might have by supervising every single conversation.

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Analyze your visitor behavior

Have a look on what your visitors and users are doing on your website. Check their page views, events they perform, all communication. Everything in one place. Provided with details to precisely show what kind of answers they are looking for.

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Import users and send
them a chat message

We provide you with a functionality to import your users from a CSV file or other marketing tool (Intercom and more). After having the data successfully imported, send your users a chat message. If a user isn't present on your website, an email message will be sent to the person that can be directly responded to.

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Mobile App

Chat with your users whenever you need it. Be mobile. Be more available!

Your users ask you a lot of questions and it’s a real challenge to keep up with all of them. With our mobile app, you’re able to stay in touch with your users no matter of time and location.


Notification settings

Various combinations of settings

You can set various settings to receive notifications - the ones assigned to you or seen on a mobile device. Or choose desktop only if you feel like working out of office is not your thing!

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