Make your WordPress Integration with UserEngage! Whether you use it to blog or to power up your regular webiste. UserEngage is a perfect match.

Attributes while checking out

Below we've prepared the table, that shows which input while checking out is representing which custom attribute in UserEngage.

Name Value
shipping_2 Shipping address
shipping_3 Apartment, suite, unit etc. (optional)
shipping_0 Company name
shipping_1 First name and last name of customer
shipping_4 Post code and city
phone Phone number
billing_2 Billing address
billing_3 Apartment, suite, unit etc. (optional)
billing_0 Company name
billing_1 First name and last name of customer
billing_4 Post code and city

What events we're sending?

Recently we've added support for WooCommerce plugin.
Events we're sending right now are:

  • When customer adds an item to his cart ,AddToCart event with data:
    • Product ID (pid)
    • Product title (title)
    • Product price (price)
    • Product SKU (sku)
    • Product variation ID (variationid)
    • And all custom attributes of the product
  • When customer is checking out his order ,NewOrder event with data:
    • Order ID (orderId)
    • Payment type (paymentType)
    • Total order price (orderTotal)
    • Customer email address (email)
    • Product name (name)
    • Product SKU (sku)
    • And all custom attributes of the product
    • Product custom attributes

5 min installation guide:

  1. Download the plugin here
  2. Go to your Wordpress dashboard → “Plugins”“Add New” and choose “Upload Plugin”
  3. Choose the .zip file you have just downloaded
  4. Go to dashboard“Plugins”“Installed Plugins” and find UserEngage. Click “Activate”
  5. Go to “Settings” → UserEngage API key and paste there your api key (link below)
WordPress control panel

Finished! You can start automating your marketing. In case you have any questions contact us via live chat.

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