Prestashop integration with UserEngage is super easy.

To do Prestashop integration, you first have to download it, you can do that by clicking on the DOWNLOAD button situated on this page.

Fresh version of our PrestaShop module is here! We're tracking events such as adding products to cart, registration and more!
Prestashop control panel

To install our plugin, go to your Prestashop dashboard and in the modules tab click on Add new module . Click on Browse and select the plugin you have just downloaded.

To install our module, please go to your SFTP, FTP or use file manager provided by your hosting provider (if any). Unzip the file and then upload the userengage/ directory to your /path/to/your/presta_shop/modules/.

Correct installation of UserEngage module would look like this:

/path/to/your/presta_shop/modules/userengage/ ├── assets │   ├── ajaxcart-override.js │   └── user-register.js ├── config_pl.xml ├── config.xml ├── logo.png ├── userengage.php └── views ├── neworder.tpl ├── userengage.tpl └── userregister.tpl

In your list of modules, click on the Install button.

The last step is to enter your Api Key. You can do that by going to Modules -> Modules . Find our application, either manually or through the search field and click on Configure next to it. Submit your key. and press click on the Save button.

Your API key can be found here:

You are done, UserEngage should work, if it doesn’t you can always contact us for support.

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