Joomla is a CMS system that allows you to, as the name suggests, manage your website. Try Joomla integration.

How to do your Joomla integration

To install our plugin, you first have to download it, you can do that by clicking on the DOWNLOAD button situated on this page.

Joomla control panel

Go to the backend of your Joomla website and select Extensions then Install/Uninstall. Click on Browse and select the extension you have just downloaded, then click on Upload and Install.

The next step is to enter your Api Key. To do it, go to Extensions -> Plugin Manager , search for UserEngage and click on the name to open the configuration panel. Go to Options and there you will find a field where you can enter your Api Key, do so and click on Save .

Your API key can be found here:

You are done, UserEngage should work, if it doesn’t you can always contact us for support.

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