Awesome journey for many milestones.

The beginning

Everything started in 2014, when we were working on a huge open-source project CivilHub. In July 2015, we officially published the project and the first cities started to join the community, bringing many visitors on our website.
We noticed that after a few visits, our users stopped coming back to our website despite a very positive feedback.
That’s why, we decided to build an app to help communicate with users, collect all the possible data about them and enable to engage them on the basis of their actions on the website.
We began working on UserEngage, which we had been planned to be for our own needs only.

The beginning July

First steps

We publish the very first basic versions of the app with live chat and a data tracking tool. We started using UserEngage on CivilHub and a couple of different websites. With time, our friends also wanted to try the app and install it on their own sites.

Real-time live chat September

User feedback

For the first time we realized how powerful the platform we were creating is. We got a great feedback from our friends who were also keen on paying for the app if we add extra features they needed.


New features

We started working on adding the features our users wanted in the app. We also decided to make UserEngage a SaaS project in a fair price.


Let the tests begin!

The information about the launch was published on many websites for alfa/beta testers. Out of the sudden, more than a few hundred people began testing our app on their own websites. We were pleasantly surprised to receive a very positive feedback with many suggestions to add more than … 1000 different features! We selected the ones that were appearing in most cases and we began working on adding them.

Beta tests January

One of key features

We finished working on Actions and published them as the visual “Drag & Drop” builder to create the action paths.

Action path March

More feedback

Forms, modals and advanced Filters in Events have been added to the app. Our users simply say what they want and we do our best to make it happen.

Forms April

Started integrating

Our beta testers requested integrations with certain services and we began working on that. We announced the first integration with Shopify - an easy way to add our app to this most recognizable shopping platform.

Integrations May

Slack integration

Our users asked for an ability to reply from Slack. So, we added a full integration with Slack.

Slack integration May

Zapier integration

We added an integration with Zapier for an easy and fast way of exchanging data.

Slack integration May

Twilio integration

We were happy to announce that we finally added an integration with Twillio to send text messages from the app.

Twillio integration May


Open API shared freely with our users.
Check it in the link below.

API Docs May

More integrations

Integrations with WordPress, Drupal, PrestaShop, Magento and many more...

Integrations June


The public registration was officially opened!

Public registration June

No time to waste!

Notifications of new messages were added to the app with an ability to turn them off. Mobile apps for iOS and Android.

Mobile Apps June


First translations on German, Russian and Polish. More coming soon...

Translations June

Big step

We've started to selling UserEngage overseas.


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