Grab your keyboard and fill it up!.


Evelyn Flis, Customer Happiness Department

Make some surveys

Use forms to collect any specific data you need about your users. You have a various of templates to choose from to provide a personalized form and content of a pop-out form. When a form is ready to use, go to Actions and apply it with “Show a modal”.

When you enter the page, you see all the information about your already created forms. You can see their names, authors, date created and updated as well as the number of targeted people. You can delete or edit it each singular one or do it collectively.

To create a new form, click “Create New”. On top, decide on a name and description of your form. It is very helpful in reminding you about the major highlights (objectives, target groups) it involves. Choose one of the templates: newsletter, bumper, darkbox, lightbox or a blank one.

You design your form below in the “Design your form” which preview you can resize. Update it with a button “Update preview”.

For example, click “Newsletter” and let’s have some fun. On the right you can see that when you change the values, it’s automatically presented on the left.

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