Don't waste your time writing tons of emails - send them at once!.


Evelyn Flis, Customer Happiness Department

Create effective email campaigns

In this section, you can create emails and send them within campaigns. Create as many email versions as you want. You can use them in campaigns. During one campaign you can send many different emails to test their effectiveness.

You can all the email messages you’ve ever created to be used within campaigns. Starting from the left, you’ve got its subject, a fragment of a message, an author, date it was created and updated and a type of template was used.

You switch to “Archived” on top to see the messages you’ve previously archived.

To create a new email message, click the button on top. You’re redirected to a customizable builder which allows you to name each project however you want. Start composing a message with giving it a suitable subject, for example “welcome aboard!”. On the left, you can choose a type of template: Personal, Clear, Completely clear or Blank. Check each of them to see what the difference is to choose the one that you like the most. Next, decide on a template content - do you prefer the text or html? If you create it on your phone, change the preview device to mobile. It’ll be more convenient and it’ll definitely look better. All the tags allowed are listed below.

When you are done creating, simply hit “Test Message” on your left to check how it’s going to look when your users receive it.

Compose a message lets you unleash your creativity in terms of text, images and any other attachment you want to insert.

Save it and you are all done!

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