Don't waste your time writing tons of emails - send them at once!.


Evelyn Flis, Customer Happiness Department

Hit a home run with your campaign

In this section, you can all the email messages you’ve ever created to be used within campaigns. Starting from the left, you’ve got its name, an author, when it was created and for when it’s scheduled, last sent, how many times it’s been sent, the open, click, unsubscribe ratio.

To create a new one, click “Create New” and name it (which is visible only for you) and provide a description - describe what objectives the campaign has, who your target group is etc. Click save and next. Decide on a suitable email version (you an already existing one or create a new one) and proceed to the contacts you want to choose. Next step is about giving it its status: draft (it’s not going to be sent), active or closed. You also need to decide when you want it to run. We also enable you to choose a time zone to hit a home run with your campaign. Click “Save” or “Save and send” to make it work.

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