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Evelyn Flis, Customer Happiness Department

Make your life easier with default replies

Don’t you feel that you waste your time when you keep on writing the same answers to your users’ repetitive questions? For example, “What types of credit cards do you accept?” or “What delivery options do you have?”. That’s why, we give you an ability to send predefined answers “Default replies”.

When you enter the section, you have access to every single default reply that has been ever created. Check when it’s been created, who’s the author and what kind of message has been inserted into it. By ticking a few boxes, you can easily delete them collectively.

To create one, click “add new”, name it as you wish and enter your message, for example: “Delivery estimates are calculated from the time of despatch, rather than from the moment you place your order.” and save it. As you can see, it appears on the bottom of the table of all default replies.

If you want to enter a default reply, go to Conversations → and in the conversation window, start writing your answer with a # (hashtag) at the beginning. For example, the system automatically recognizes your default reply when you begin with #delivery and the entire reply is presented.

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