Everyone will enjoy that quality time spent on your chat.


Evelyn Flis, Customer Happiness Department

Effective communication is within your reach.

Conversations section provides you with active and closed conversations you have had with individual users. “Active” refers to conversations that still need a certain action taken from your Customer Support whereas “Closed” means to all conversations that don’t need a further reply. Make a conversation closed by clicking “Close” at the left corner of a conversation window.

You can also assign your team members to a chosen conversation which is very helpful in organizing your work. Initially, each conversation is “unassigned” and after clicking it on the top of the window, choose a team member from a list.

In the central part of the section, there is a conversation window with messages of your users on the right together with their avatar and sent time, and yours - on the left. Enter your message on the bottom, attach files from your computer by clicking the paper clip icon and hit “Reply”.

Our chat widget enables users to start a conversation with you. If there is no email address of a given user who writes you a message, there is a request “Please add email address” that appears on the top of the chat window.

It doesn’t matter what kind of subpage a user is on because cookies allow the app to show your replies on chat on each of them. Another useful feature is sending your replies via email if a user is absent. What makes UserEngage special is that the person can reply directly via email and the entire conversation is stored in one single place - in Conversations section and of course, the chat window if you open it.

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