Set your app to meet your preferences.


Evelyn Flis, Customer Happiness Department

Change the settings of UserEngage to adjust it perfectly to your website.

Change the settings of UserEngage to adjust it perfectly to your website. On the left, you can modify the General Settings, your Domains, Appearance (the design of the app), Attributes, Events or you can also delete the app over there. Select a language from the list that appears on the screen after hitting “Add a translation” or if there isn’t one you were looking for, let us know to have it in the system.

The central part of the section provides you with general information about your app. Enter a name that you want to show in a Live Chat window during a conversation with your user. Provide a heading if you want a certain phrase or just a simple word to appear below your name.

Decide on a prompt form that can be used as a request for an email address. And of course, to make Live Chat even more user friendly (and human!) upload a picture that will work as your avatar. When you are done, hit “Save”.

On the left, you can a preview of changes you introduce.


In this section you manage your application domains. For security reasons, provide a domain under which you want to show our widget. Adding domains is required. The system automatically allows all of the subdomains for your domain.

Here, feel free to add or delete domains of your choice.


Adjust the colors of Live Chat speech bubbles that appear during a conversation as well as the color of the Live Chat widget and minor elements like a vertical line on the top of a chat window.


Events mean any sort of action that has been performed by a user on your website. You have an insight into the actions of every single person on your website. For example, you can see that one of your users (let’s call him “Blue Monkey”) has visited 5 different pages with blue shoes in size 9 and he’s also added one pair to the cart. This action is called an event.

If there is no reaction afterwards, you can encourage the person to finish the purchase with an email: “Hi, I see you have added our blue shoes model 123 to your cart. What a taste! Can I help you to finish the purchase?”. As you can see, knowing the events gives you real knowledge about your users’ behavior.

Delete app

Are you sure you want to delete it? If your answer is yes, keep it in mind that the action can’t be undone.

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