Ready set? action!.


Evelyn Flis, Customer Happiness Department

Create powerful marketing campaigns

“Actions” is a powerful tool enabling you to create advanced marketing campaigns with simple “drag & drop”, no IT knowledge needed! On the contrary, unleash your creative and enjoy combining the elements (modules) together to create paths that automate campaigns to make them personalized for the entire time.

All the action paths are listed in the central part of the section. You can check a name of a path, the number of targeted people it’s been sent/saved to, whether it’s enabled or not, a date it was created and updated and the frequency of running the actions (once, every day, each time the condition is met). You can delete each action path separately or collectively by ticking the boxes next to their names.

Let’s create a new one. Hit the “Create New” button.

As you can see, on the right you’ve got all the triggers, conditions and actions in a form of colorful modules to let you build an advanced marketing campaign on the space provided on your left.

Start with deciding on a given trigger. Let’s drag the “Page visit” module and drop on the provided blank space. The trigger starts the actions if a user enters a specific page. If you enter “pricing” into its URL, the actions will run if the system detects everybody who enters the pricing page. If you leave it blank, it will detect all the users who enter your website. Next, apply filters from Conditions to have the system detect only those who meet specific requirements. For example, choose “Referrer” and write “Facebook” to imply that you want to target only those, who enter the pricing page and come from Facebook.

Having done that, connect both elements (visited page on “Page visit” → in on “Filters”). Next, decide on a given action - send this person a chat message. Drag “Send a chat message” from the actions category and drop it on the blank space. Adjust the chat message as you wish. Then, connect the “Filters” module to the Actions one. Save everything with the button on the top of page and decide on its name and how many times it should be performed. Click “enabled” if you want to apply it. Otherwise, it’s only saved.

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