Use the advanced filtering to have your data sorted.

Default filtering

UserEngage provides you with a set of standard attributes to search your users in terms of their email, location, last contacted, referrer and more.

Even more accurate

Check what is the browser language of your users. Knowing that, you can adjust the language version of messages appearing on the screen. Send an automated welcome chat message “Hola, como puedo ayudarte?” to all visitors with Spanish as their browser language.

Event filtering icon

Custom attributes

Gather every piece of data

Define the custom attributes you need. You can change the data type to bolean, integer, date and string.

Event filtering icon

Not enough ?


Select only those who has added a blue T-shirt, size 38 to the cart but hasn’t finished the purchase. This knowledge will enable you to create powerful email campaigns to keep the leads nurtured.

Most useful examples of filtering

Shopping addicts

Search for users who bought shoes of size 9, blue.

Set your custom event data type, color and size to find those who has bought the specific pair of shoe and recommend them a nice alternative.

Slipping away

Find all these precious leads that haven’t contacted you for more than 7 days. Don’t let them slip away and send them an email campaign.

Facebook followers

See all the people coming from a specific Facebook campaign to your website. Then, it’s just a click apart from sending a personalized live chat message to them!

Find your VIPs

Find all your prospects with tags "Berlin_conference" AND "VIP" who still haven't visited your website (page views - 0). Drop them a line to warm it up!

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