I happen to think that we have entered “The New Advertising Generation”.

The most popular one is undoubtedly the Social Media Marketing - everybody knows that, right? It seems universal no matter what kind of business you’re running. Let’s say you are a huge corporation, like Pepsi but you can also be one of Hollywood celebrities - For example, during the release of Kanye West’s album, it was announced that it would be available only in Tidal. This marketing campaign provided the explosive popularity of the album - the decision to distribute it only there made the Kanye’s album were discussed by almost everyone who somehow connected with musical industry.

Kanye West twitter post source

He did not keep his promise, today the album “The Life of Pablo” has appeared in a couple of other services. So did he remove his post from Twitter?

Surprisingly no, there is still his Tweet where Kanye said that his album would never get along with Apple. But Kanye West's statement can be interpreted in many ways - he deliberately didn’t specify in what Apple service exactly his fans will not able to download it. We may only guess what it means - and that’s the whole point behind this whole buzz.

Currently, it is available on Spotify, Apple Music and Google Play Music.
What a great Social Media campaign that shows you can have fast results using only Twitter or Facebook.

With no doubt we may say that at the moment of the release, Kanye West’s album became one of the most popular torrent trackers because of his post and Tidal significantly increased their customer base.

Social Media Campaigns

That is a complex system that works basically on both instances - big corporations and small businesses. Social Media Marketing - refers basically to an entrepreneur, such as you, use the power of popular social sites like Twitter, Facebook, or Tumblr to promote their brand or product. It is one of the best platforms to improve brand identity. Further, Social media marketing can be used in combination with any other online marketing technique.

Since social media sites attract a huge number of users, it is easier to use it for lead generation, but not through SEO.
What surely works for a given business is a direct result of business’ targeted audience. You have to know your audience needs and the way they want to engage on the website (email campaign, live chat?).

Other advantages of engaging potential customers with social media websites - it’s free or low-cost in comparison with other ways of generating the flow of customers
Posting about your new clothing shop in Facebook groups is much more easier and free compared to ordering banners to hang them around your city.
However, it should be noted that social media marketing takes a lot of time, it’s not just a piece of cake so keep reading!

Social Media Marketing is a dialogue between the author and the reader of information i.e customer. If an owner does not pay enough attention to the feedback, all efforts will likely be doomed to the failure. In order to hold a successful social media marketing campaign, you should establish your goals and channels to use to achieve them,, which is the key to success.

The perks of doing it right source

Benefits of Social Media Marketing

If we compare the use of social media marketing with traditional advertising (eg, banner), there is a huge number of advantages to promote your campaign through it:

  • Low cost advertising campaign (the price for one contact at least is twice cheaper than traditional one). As I mentioned before, it’s easier to you to make a precise and memorable post about your new shop instead of ordering a huge amount of banners to make it popular.
  • Broad and precise coverage of the target audience. Moreover, the social network for its popularity exceeds all traditional resources, where the audience of social networks increasing day by day
  • The opportunity to receive quick feedback from customers and quickly respond to it

So let’s start from the tips which will be helpful to create the best Social Media Campaign.

8 Tips for Running Your Best Social Media Campaign Ever

  1. Know your customers needs

    You have to know what are they looking for, what are their interests, maybe sometimes hobbies. Create your own way of getting to know them.
    By what criteria customer choose a chain of stores for everyday purchases? How can you win their loyalty? If you are not sure, make a survey to existing or potential customers on the subject of what they expect from your campaign.

    In the future you will be able to plan promotions, based on the research made during your survey. In the first place customer puts easy store location. Price is also an important factor in selecting store.

  2. Make your website user-friendly.

    Make sure you create a well-designed website in Social networking. The first thing you need to do before anything else is to get your website’s name. Obvious, but still - plays the key role in attracting your visitors. This is the name you want to give to your website, by other words, it is the brand.

    Getting a name is the crucially important thing if you want to catch your customer attention. It's not just a name. It is the face of your company.

    The first note is to create a good brand with the list of emotions, characteristics, words and ideas which are directly associated with your product. The point in this case is that you have to turn on your creativity! Give yourself ridiculous requirements - Think of a constraint that would clearly make things bad. What would you be able to do to adjust it? The answer is often interesting.

    Once you have a full list of associations, try to somehow connect your puzzles together. And by the way, do it with a group of friends or with your roommates over the drinks, it's fun and productive at the same time!

    Here are some good examples for catchy brands:


    Nike source

    Carolyn Davidson, creator of the Nike logo, keeps up that she doesn't know to what extent she took a shot at the Nike Swoosh, yet that she just charged then an assistant professor at PSU Knight for $35 for 17.5 hours of work! The creator of Nike decided to make a party in her honor. She was also given a generous amount from the stock of the company, estimated to more than 1 million$.


    MOTION source

    The designer of the “Motion” website has created a really memorable logo with animated version of a train. They made a good association between the logo and the picture itself. Advertise featured content and products which can be found on the site. They turn on their creativity and make it in interesting way.

    Try to narrow the target audience to be as precise as possible. As an example of it is Facebook with it's remarketing option. With the Facebook remarketing features you can set a cookie for customers to simply identify them when they will come back. You may categorise or group them. For example, if a user sees a product and content of a category then you can identify what other kind of product can be interesting for them. Then advertise the right product for the right segment.

  3. Post regular, useful news.

    If you attract people’s attention from the first paragraph, you've already done half of the work.

    To begin with it should be noted that the promotion of social media campaign in any cases requires costs.

    The main requirement to the public servers - high qualified content. Moreover, it should be regularly updated for a wider coverage of audience to push them for further discussion of the topic. Make your users want to comment your post, you will catch their attention if you have precise and high qualified content.

    Therefore, emphasis is on the quality of your group content. Do not forget that your content should be relevant. The text must be valuable and reach to the specific narrow audience. The first step will be to determine the perfect reader and the main area of his interests.

    Share informative posts, full of value. Show that you’re worth their trust and have enough knowledge and experience to solve their problems. After a while, your audience will start to think about your brand or product as something that inspires confidence. And when it's time to buy - here is the value of your credibility.

    GAP source
  4. Build a strong relationships

    As I mentioned before, building the relationship with customers - it is one of the key components for creating the Social Media Marketing Campaign that makes it so effective. You can build such type of relationships by creating the posts with updates so your users may interested in. And you will not bothering them with the large amount of advertising texts only.

    An user comes to you to find more useful information. Make your content clear and understandable. Do not try to just do formalities, do quality work with knowledge distribution. People say you are an expert or have knowledge only if you show it.

  5. Use feed updates

    In order to inform, entertain and respond to the customer’s needs, use feed updates!
    Begin a dialogue with them in the comments or via chat messages. Such a relationship will help you to achieve trust of your users and they will keep your company in mind. That is exactly what we are trying to achieve, don’t you think?

  6. Use humour to make your followers laugh

    Everybody is interested in valuable content, but when it is boring - your site will be doomed immediately.

    Humor can be an effective way to make your company seem less robotic. And with the constant stream of information on social media, breaking it up with a laugh is always appreciated.Make Online Chat More Effective

    When customers chat with us, they pick up useful information they want to keep in their minds. The problem is that most people don’t remember every conversation, so this information can get lost. But they will never forget how the felt so treat them well!

    The best decision is to offer to email a copy of the transcript to your customer for their records.

  7. Create your posts with a proper attention.

    Do not stuff your content with unnecessary things, make your Social Media campaign more effective.

    In the pursuit of new posts is easy to skip the important step of editing, proofreading and verification of published content. However you are playing a dangerous game. Badly selected content not once became the reason for the failure of many companies that tried to conquer the space on Social Media websites.

    Some of them came into total decay due to the posts with rude or offensive content.So be careful! Besides the social media websites, there are a number of other ways to promote your online business.

    While I was making research, I came up with the well-designed website selling high-quality wines:

    Estates and wines source

    They literally demonstrate their product on the main website. The easiest way to attract customer's attention. Their website shows its quality of the product and it is quite simple to find any type of it.

    If your company has its own website, publish updates of the company on the website and then, share it to Twitter (it’s perfect for short updates). You can even create an entire page dedicated to the promotions only, and then create a link to this page and post it to other websites. Collect email addresses of your customers and send them promo mails. You are just spending a few minutes of time on advertising, with zero financial investments.

  8. Title to remember

    If you determine goals of your Social Media Campaign, you can easily start with it’s creation. It is interesting that the most common problem of small companies is the lack of data for analysis. Most likely, they do not have specialists who could set up the receipt and processing of information. Communication is the key of Social Media marketing. And the key to communication is being able to reach your readers at an emotional level.

    According to the Head of the Content Marketing Natalia Kulikova, while many managers consider a generalized strategy plan, head of marketing are mostly do not agree with this statement. Probably, they should clearly communicate the practical value of the strategy and assign responsibility for the results so employees will not feel that plan as a tick.

    Social Media rapidly socializes, and that is the main trend of timely online environment. Today, there are thousands of the most social networks and services: communication, news, professional, graphic, blogging, video - and many others.

Case Study

As an example for the brilliant Social Media campaign could be this video about harm of smoking. CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) took a series of social media video "Tips from former smokers." Check this video about fighting against cigarette addiction:

In this video, the heroine Terry tells her story about morning preparation for each new day as a result of the treatment of throat cancer. She lost teeth, hair and her larynx was removed.
Family violence, road safety, the attitude towards people with disabilities and health can be used as the best examples for the effective social media campaign. Social media video advertising - it is one of the most effective ways to tell a story or to promote your product in easy way.

And yet every day in the marketing world, new campaigns and projects. The total audience is more than 3 billion users of social sites and according to certain sources will overtake search engine audience.

To Sum Up

Today, there are thousands of the most social networks and services: communication, news, professional, graphic, blogging, video and many others. There are so many people who use social networking only for communication with others.

And this unique audience, which can not be found anywhere else - neither in thematic portals nor in search engines. For these users, their favorite social network has become an absolute synonym for Internet: They can easily communicate, meet, search for information, make purchases, by other words, almost all of their life is the Internet.

Therefore, I believe that social marketing based on the social networks will help to create the best campaign ever. There are a variety of ways to influence social media. Use high- quality images to attract attention followed by a curiosity title. Use fascination triggers and emotional headline in your content. Provide the aim with an example followed by the course of action want them to take. Everything in your hands!

Munara Ibragimova Customer Success Manager

Posted on July 19th, 2016