1. What is the Drip Marketing?

As a marketer, you know that - timing is the key. Delivering your potential customers relevant message at a specific time can bring you a great ROI.

Drip marketing is about saving your time, it’s effective if you know what your customers are interested in. Hence, the main aim is to recall an existing or potential client about your bussiness or product.

Gray, unremarkable email with boring text “We have something what you want to buy" will be instantly marked as a "spam" by most of your users. A well decorated message supplemented by a call certainly encourages a person to make a purchase. No matter what goals you set for sending, if users do not read these emails, your approach is failed.

Whatever the buyer's decision will be, if you manage to dissipate the "fog of uncertainty", you can create a new customer value.

Working with a drip marketing strategy you mainly base it on the users response. So the main target is to maintain users interest in the product by prevention of “drying” which is exactly how Drip Marketing is work.

2. Drip Marketing VS Standard Marketing Strategies

Firstly, the manner of interaction

Typically, it’s a newsletter-e-mail. Customer’s subscription has to be voluntary only through the appropriate form on your website. Under no circumstances do not send spams to the addresses from the electronic purchase-handbooks.Your reputation is something you really need to care about.

Secondly, the provision of relevant content

Moreover, based on the relevant subscriber specific actions. In other words, the right information at the right time. For example, if somebody visits a website from the US before Christmas, let’s show a personalized offer with free shipment on Christmas decoration ETC.

Thirdly, the content.

At the core, it has to be educational, not commercial one. So you will not be "bombing" your customers with advertisement, but gently involve them into all details and benefits of the product. There is a huge amount of ideas for the content.

It depends on your creativity.

In particular, do not forget to show the "human face" of your company: Talk about the staff, interesting events, bussiness conferences etc. You have to show to your subscribers what they will expect from sign-up to your letters. The best example for it could be the Banan republic’s email:

Users expecatations

This email from Banana republic aims to demonstrate their understanding of mixed-value inbox with sales. They are providing you with emails that you actually want to open, Banana Republic make their customers choice much more easier - the selection by the option is a best alternative for each online-shop. This customer-focused email is super effective in making the recipient feel like their likes, dislikes, and opinions actually matter.

3. Main strategies of Drip Marketing

A. Assocciation

Primarily, this strategy focuses on the creation of associations with your product in the customer's mind. A best example for the implementing this strategy could be “Starbucks” - most of people associate that brand with the coffee and they are trying to remember exact taste of it.


The movement to minimalism looks natural, if we consider their latest web design and design of cups, whether we like it or not, a "simple" website design, print advertising, photos of popular cups and Starbuck’s logo givea confidence to the customer in the product.

B. Training

This strategy is based on the mini-training or full courses using e-mailing.

It means that, at the end of each class user will have a chance to check his knowledge. And it expected that after the completion the subscriber will be able to get some material benefit from the knowledge he gained. That type of model can be a good example for start-up companies because …?

C. "Rebranding"

Here, marketers are trying to recover the process of lost interest of the audience to the product or service.

4. What do subscribers exactly get with the obtained information?

If the messagehas not be seen, it’s better to try an alternative plan, the best example for that could be the videos. Most probably you will get their attention to the product. Many people deliberately avoid to read the huge amount of boring texts in articles, but videos allow you to reach out to your potential clients with precise accents. So again, “the situation has two possible ways because an user watches a video and opens it, so it makes sense to re-offer the reference literature in electronic form where they will find all needed information about in a compressed form.”

In case if a user has familiarized with the offer on the site and filled out the form, he should be transferred to the next level. For example, you may offer another e-book on the same topic, but with accents on different aspects.

Obtained information

Once, here the well-designed scheme to engage potential customers.

It is worth noting, try to work through the message header - the user wants to figure out what are you writing about and wants to open it earlier than other posts. Choosing the right topic - a half of your success.

The second half of success is the brand - your company name should appear in the "From" line. Otherwise, there is a high risk of getting into the spam database.

5. Make love, not spam!

Although the e-mail as a way of communicating with customers and it becomes easier every day,but it does not mean that you need to deal with sending email-letters by spam. On the other hand, try to make your campaign more meaningful. So before you click on the 'send' button, ask yourself:

Is it really important for the customers to receive your emails?

If not, then it is necessary to review the relevance of offers more carefully and you have to configure segmentation of the target audience in order to make your customers always be happy to receive tweets and e-mails from you. Look objectively on what you have to offer and try to make your offer more valuable. After that you may send a newsletter to your customers.

Do you have more information about who will be addressed an email to and how this information can be connected with the subject? Make a connection with the letters of interest and past experience of customers. If you know what your customer is particularly interested in, write it in a new email, thereby demonstrate that the person is important for you and you care about the interests. The client should understand that this email was sent to him by taking into account their interests.

Example email

Attractive images - the main "trick" of emails from RunKeeper. These images make your emotions positive, full of admiration, joy and curiosity. It makes you want to click on them to view full article. Mailing structure is very convenient. Most popular posts take up more space to the letters so readers want clicked on them.

6. Three main steps for the right drip marketing:

A. Lead grading - marketing funnel is connected with the traffic of the customer on your site.

B. Before giving the start for automatic sending of e-mails, you need to set a time frame for this process. You also need to define how often they will receive your posts.

C. Examine all your existing content and see if it is enough for dropping campaign.

Here are some ways to inform the customer about your product,it is necessary to choose the most appropriate:

  • Promotional brochures.
  • Mailing lists.
  • Postcards.
  • Newsletter (but you have to remember about the spam).
Appropriate ways to inform about product

It is necessary to say that you have to provide relevant current needs of content subscriber..

The main objective of this strategy is the "interception" of customers of competing companies and their retention. In some cases, it makes sense to stick to the strategy to lure users only start comparing with other sellers. The emphasis is on the benefits of the company's offer compared to competitive offerings.

7. Promotion! Promotion!

Working on this strategy, marketers are constantly developing actions with a limited duration and unique offers


All of these articles are based on email and may be combined in any form. It all depends on the marketer, the right implementation of basic strategy will bring significant profit business.

Munara Ibragimova Customer Success Manager

Posted on July 4th, 2016