Email subscribers of your blog are people who have opted-in to receive your blog posts through email updates. It’s very important to have your audience interested, right?

A subscriber is a person who gets newsletters and follow-up emails from you. It’s a visitor who wants to stay involved and find your blog interesting and useful. A future customer, who is willing to leave some personal data for you.

As Clarence Francis, Former Chairman of the Board General Foods Corporation said:

"You can buy a person's time; you can buy their physical presence at a given place; you can even buy a measured number of their skilled muscular motions per hour. But you cannot buy enthusiasm . . . You can not buy loyalty . . . You can not buy the devotion of hearts, minds, or souls. You must earn these. "

So the same goes with the idea behind a subscriber.

Every business is different, and if some techniques work for others, it does not mean that it will work for you. That’s why you need a marketing framework which will help you to predict which strategies would work for you best. You need a systematic & scientific approach that will allow you to:

  • Learn fast: Every startup is unique, no matter how many books you have read, you need to combine all knowledge in order to succeed.
  • Build an effective marketing strategy: There are thousands of online marketing strategies. You need to find out which one is the best for you.
  • Run A/B Tests: You need to run test before implementing a strategy, not to waste money and time.
  • Scale your marketing: It seems that scale business is a goal for everyone, but at the beginning you need to check, if you have enough capacity to become a leader. Evaluate your financing options for expansion. If you want to grow, be able to spend and invest more in the progress.

1. Clearly display the subscription button/email/form

First of all, don't make it difficult for visitors to figure out how to sign-in to your blog. Display a clear call-to-action module to subscribe, along with an RSS subscription button and a simple, one-field email opt-in form near the top of your blog.

Don't make your visitors search through all the bells and whistles in your blog's sidebar to subscribe. Put it right in their face, and make it stand out. For that you can use pop-ups, which are getting more and more popular. And make it more interactive.

2. Make it easy to share within your content

Let your readers do some work for you!

Another indirect way of increasing subscribers is to make social sharing of your blog content as simple as possible. Add a button to social networks to each blog post you publish, so that your readers can easily promote the blog content to their networks and expand the scope of your blog beyond your current fans, followers and subscribers.

Look how Huffingtonpost does it!

At the same time, an ability to share helps to grab to attention, if your content is valuable, people would feel a need to share with friends. Sometimes, people hope to earn some likes sharing your content.

3. How to gain subscribers via interview with an influencer

Invite an expert from the industry of your blog specialization, someone who is credible and has professional knowledge. This person needs to be recognizable. If the audience sees that the person is credible, than your own authority will increase. People trust specialists.

The person you're interviewing is already kind of form of an advertising for your product. Also, make it the first step to get a business partner for future products.

Having a recognizable speaker recommending or discussing over your product will significantly increase its popularity among a targeted group of your choice.

Interviews can be turned into unique blog posts. The trick is to ask the right questions. That will increase the personal interest.

Case study: An Interview with Philip Kotler on a marketing journal.

He gives his opinion on a certain topic and answers questions.

An additional advantage of this method is that it can create coming events on your blog, which would attract visitors. Also, an opened debate will give your visitors a possibility to ask questions for the coming guest. So basically, you promote this meeting, in the same time you get more subscribers for your blog.

4. Ask for feedback! People want you to become better

When you already have at least some sort of base, not necessarily large, people do not hesitate to ask for any detail. People like to help, especially when it does not cost anything.

If you are representing an organization, company or you are simply an individual - you can ask to check your app and write a comment, whether it works properly. Kindly ask them to share their impressions via comments or email. Ask your visitors to let you know in any possible case.

It is a chance to observe the level of satisfaction of your users. It increases as long as you are there to help them with solving problems.

Here is an example of a survey

Squarespace survey

5. Communicate on thematic blogs and forums

Visit forums on different subjects, relating to your topic. Get involved into discussion. Gain some credits of trust by appearing on recognizable pages.

What are the benefits of visiting and commenting on other people's resources?

  • You get useful information on your topic that you can use in your project.
  • If your comments are meaningful and you show yourself as a professional, the readers may soon become your subscribers after visiting your page.
  • On forums you meet people who can become your partners in the future.
  • You are able to find candidates for enlarging a company.
  • As a general rule, admins often turn blogs and comment in response. Any comments on the blog improves behavioral factors and improve positioning of the link.

So, by using this method you can gain a set of subscribers. Check how others do it:

Write comments and react on articles! Make people see you and keep in touch with them.

6. A regular optimized article on a blog

You constantly have to write well optimized for the low-frequency queries blog posts.

First of all, you need to give your subscribers useful and absorbing material. So they will be sure that you provide them with a proper one

I myself, for several reasons, gave up work on the network, more than a year and now hard to restore the position. Subscribe to the end of this article for updates and do not miss.

Check out how some of the tactics looks together in one blog:

7. Article marketing on other sites

The essence of this method is that you attract visitors from other sites by placing them on the pages of their posts, reviews, etc. The aim is that your visitor plugged in and followed your link that directly goes to your website

You need to concentrate on your topic and write about five articles approximately 2500 words length, and it will be your reserve. Breeding better to do, you need to have unique articles at least 95%. Otherwise, webmasters from other sites will not accept them.

Where should we look for inspiration and resources for blog articles?

  1. Type in Google query "article directories". Enter in the google search "article directories". It includes a large amount of sites where every person can optionally post an article with a certain amount of outgoing links, if it complies with the rules of the directory. But remember, acceptable number of references in the article generally ranges from 1 to 3.
  2. Look for bloggers who allow to post other people's articles on their blogs. Request for Google "posted your article"
  3. Offer your readers useful paid service with the ability to get it in return for placing your article. Like Twitter offer-run return to the article.

8. Contextual advertising

As it is written in HubSpot guide, it is worth putting some paid marketing muscle behind your subscriber push. Use PPC to direct traffic to your dedicated blog subscriber landing page, or leverage Facebook Sponsored Stories to drive traffic to the subscriber tab you created for your Facebook business page.

Good advertising campaign consists of 25-30 ads. Therefore, if you are not a specialist in this field, it is better not to use it on full power. Start with the learning how to create ads. It is a process full of details and obstacles, but very useful.

You need to keep it in mind that subscribers receive highest quality information via contextual advertising. So, think about the context, because that's probably the best way to get the subscribers!

9. Use SEO

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the activity that attempts to improve search engine rankings.

In search results Google shows the links to pages, it considers relevant and authoritative. Authority is mostly measured by analysing the number and quality of links from other web pages.

In other words, your web pages have the potential to be ranked by Google as long as other web pages link to them. So using these words helps you to get to the top links in search.

But, relying on Google for everything is not a way to effectively get subscribers. They are changing the algorithm of search once in awhile. When it comes to blogging, SEO and getting heaps of traffic but don’t ever rely solely on Google for your main source of new coming subscribers.

10. Write catchy headlines and blog titles your readers can't resist.

In the world full of noise, how do you get people to actually read what you write? It takes more than good content or great design. The most important part of writing an article is the headline.

“It should stay at mind, focus attention. Made person read it! Be needed, like a solution they were looking for so long! Headlines could be more creative in the same time easy.

"Customers may forget what you said but they'll never forget how you made them feel. "

Here you can read how to write a catchy headlines!

11. Try redirecting comments

You could add a plugin for redirecting people to a “thank you” page. When someone leaves an anonymous comment on your page, they’ll get redirected to a page that thanks them for their interaction and shows them the subscription form and more links for useful content. It could attract around 7% of possible future subscribers.

Basically all things which include operations with comment have a positive impact.

To Sum Up

The list of tips can grow and change within the time! What would you add to it?

I am waiting for your ideas!

But one thing never changes - you need subscribers! If you create a pop-up, be careful. It should be creative and fresh! Asking for subscription in an unusual way will make your visitors intrigued.

Ask your friends to check your posts and recommend them - you definitely got a lot of friends on Facebook so use it to promote your ideas!

Having a growing list of subscribers is one of the most important aspects of a successful blog. It is your mailing list that allows you to promote your content, sell products and launch new projects. Get reaction from your fans and visitors. Try at least 3 tips which you prefer the most. And watch how your network grows!

Maria Basyk Customer Success Manager

Posted on August 8th, 2016