Today’s top marketers are customer-focused. Your customers want to feel themselves valued and trusted. Customers are most engaged when they feel a sense of responsibility towards our brand. At whatever point you speak with your customers, try to evoke this special sense of interest in the product. Ok, let’s start with the question what is Engagement Marketing?

First of all, it’s not about relationship working for your own purpose—it's about building strong and reliable relations between you and your customer.
Another crucially important thing is that today’s marketers need to focus on the growth of their teams and to strengthen each of them to make the team more effective; to create more favorable atmosphere for new ideas.

Here is the list of 10 Best Engagement Marketing Tips that will help you to increase the number of loyal customers - both in E-commerce and regular offline businesses.
Always, observe their actions and follow the principles of best sales so then your work will start to bring you the desired profit.

1. Sponsorship of events

It doesn’t matter if you’re running an online store or a regular shop, the sponsorship of events is a great decision to engage more customers.

Sponsor small events held in your area so you will get new customers. People will tell about your product or service to their friends. In other words, here is the successful theory of "word of mouth system." In this way, most of your potential customers at least heard about your shop from others. That is the first step for successful Engagement Marketing.

2. The development of your brand label on the Internet

It's quick, convenient and cheap. Advertising - the main means of promoting products and services. Of course, not everyone can be a high-qualified adman. That’s why, instead of improvising, it is better to contact an advertising agency - competent professionals who will create a qualified advertising campaign.. For example, people can find your company on social media as a Facebook etc, where you can talk with your customers one on one so they may share with

Keep in touch with them. You will be able to talk one to one with your customers, so you may easily get their feedback, likes and “shares” on your website.

3. Demonstration of a product or service

This is one of the main Engagement Marketing strategy, A customer will try your product and understand that it can solve their problem and they are more likely come to you for another purchase rather to your competitor. As an example of the effective way to promote your product could be sampling - through the distribution of free trial samples of a product. Samples usually distributed in stores or sent by post or even delivered to "every door."
Therefore, the company shows information about the quality of the goods to the customer so they may try it and eventually, buy it.

Sampling is also used for:

  • developing of consumer interest
  • increasing sales
  • informing about packaging changes
  • label, recipes and others

And, of course, to switch your customers attention from the products of competitors.
Promotion by sampling is considered as the most expensive one, but it's a very effective way of presentation of new products. Large numbers of companies use the sampling method, but there is one problem - in conducting marketing events it is always necessary to serve a huge number of people.

So why not to distribute free samples via the network of vending machines?

A brilliant example of this can be the vending company called Fostor.
They were able to find an elegant and interesting solution to greatly reduced the number of people engaged in advertising of goods

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Fostor has created a special vending machine for this purpose which is fully intended for distribution of test samples of products. "Boobox" - that's how they called their "employee".

How does it work?
It’s quite simple how it works: who wants to get a sample of a product, should send SMS to the number indicated on the machine. In response to the message, a client receives an access code that has to be entered on the display of the vending machine. After activating the code, it gives you the necessary goods.

As you can see, the business idea is very simple.
Sampling machine is not tied to any specific group, it may be products of any weight, shape and size!

4. Satisfaction of customer’s needs

If a customer purchased a product or used your service and got what he wanted, he will definitely come back to you. Regular customers - the success of any business!

As an example of the effective customer engagement process can be aromatization of space. According to multiple research, the use of aromatization in stores helps to increase a shop's sales to 10-15%. Galeria Mokotow can be a great case study here.

It’s a standard mall where the whole first floor is filled with confectionery, bakery, pizzeria and fast food. All of them are located very close to each other and it is not because of the lack of space, but to engage the customer to buy something more, thereby “Galeria Mokotow” successfully increases sales of food. People have lunch, then maybe a small dessert?

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The next trick is background music. It makes your customers feel more comfortable and it fully immerses them in the world of shopping. Imagine for a second, you are walking through the mall and hear your favorite track. What will you do? Of course, you will directly visit their shop if only because there is an atmosphere you totally prefer.
Another often used marketing trip - rule of the "golden triangle".

What is the purpose?
The trick is that the most common products such as bread, milk, eggs, meat, vegetables must be placed as far as it possible from each other so the customer will surely passed thru all the shelves and grab something more except of products above.

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5. Do not let them forget about you!

There are different ways to retain customers:

  • creation of a logo
  • maintaining a good label
  • providing with discount cards
  • advertising campaigns and many others

What matters is that they want to return to you!

Let’s see how you may use each of them together or separately to engage your customers;

Discount cards

The easiest option is the distribution of discount cards. TV advertising is not so effective because people may easily forget what was that about, but the small creative discount card that can be put in any wallet - that’s what you need!

It is necessary to note that the second side of the cards is very often neglected, which is a big mistake. The downside can be a more effective advertising platform for your products and services. For example: "If you show OUR CARD - 5% discount is available”

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The next Engagement Marketing Tip is creating a memorable logo with the name of the company. Of course, the next question is - is your company or shop named correctly?

“As the ship will be named, so it will float”.

In business, it’s exactly the same. If your logo has no meaning or it is even too complicated to pronounce it - go and change it now!

A good advertising trick to attract maximum number of customers - souvenirs with the logo of company. Give them calendars, posters, pens. In order to attract new customers offer souvenirs in public places.
Look how “Carrefour” designed its logo and what is behind it:

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The name of the trade company “Carrefour” goes from the French language which means "crossroads" . The logo shows the letter C between two arrows indicating in opposite directions and they are colored in the colors of the French flag.

What is the trick?

Genius is simplicity! It means they give you an opportunity to choose your way only by yourself on psychological level. Maybe it sounds funny, but it works! Let your customer make decisions by themselves without any direct intervention.

6. How to make an effective promotion campaign

Here you may see a good example of effective promotion.

Customers can participate in the raffle of expensive coffee-machine if they buy two packs of coffee beans. After the purchase, they have to fill out a form and drop it in a special box. The raffle will be held on 1st of May, where the winner will be chosen.

Imagine, in this way you will kill two birds with one stone.

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Everybody will talk about your raffle to their friends, relatives and others, so your product is going to be popular and most probably sale of your product will increase. In other words, you engage customers by natural FREE advertisement - hearings. That is the point.

7. Engage with social networking

If you do not have any idea about Facebook, Instagram or Twitter that are behind the interpersonal interaction phenomena, you should not waste anymore time and go straight to these sites and see how these sites that are capturing millions of people who are actively engaging more customers on these sites everyday. These sites work because social networking communities need to share and want to know what their circle of friends and relatives are interested in. Try to use your content effectively with the help of social networks.

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8. Engage customers via WI-FI

Wi-Fi allows you to use it in customer's own marketing communication. By automating marketing and integration with social media systems, e-mais, services, reviews and mobile applications, Wi-Fi allows to your customer effectively use the available channel - your website - by many people at the same time.

The ubiquity

About 80% of mobile data in the world is transmitted via Wi-Fi.


100% of the smartphone can connect to Wi-Fi, 70% of users are always enabled to Wi-Fi.


More than 90% of the devices joining the Wi-Fi - is a mobile device.

For example, guests of a hotel may receive an e-mail information after log-in via Wi-Fi network about current offers and promotions or about sights. The most popular ones are letters about SPA discounts, information about drinks or about organized events from the hotel.

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Another example of engaging your potential customers via Wi-Fi is connected with restaurants.

Owners of restaurants can use the welcome page for more info about future updates about the menu, daily promotions, vouchers or participation in any programs which are provided. Wi-Fi network, integrated with Facebook allows to your customer put “Like” button on the restaurant website or sign-up immediately. Real recommendation and promotion of the restaurant website is much more effective form of advertising than, for example, sponsorship registry.

9. Get to Know Your Customers

Spend time to learn more about your customers. Marketers who take time to understand the backgrounds and values of their customers will see greater impact on marketer’s attitudes and motivation, developing stronger connections with their customers. We are those who are responsible for our customer’s wishes.

Since a large portion of a customer’s life is spent at work, take time to know what’s important to your customers outside of work. Demonstrate that you care about their well-being.

For example, some customers will share their knowledge about your product with their families and friends. As a marketer, remembering the names of your customers by heart - kind of symbol that they are important for you. But of course, we are just humans. That’s why, having a well-developed database of your customers is a must.

And you will see how they appreciate what you are doing for them.

Take time to ask questions about their mood. The simple act of asking demonstrates to your customer that you really care about them as individuals. Listening and learning about them is an easy way to demonstrate that you care and want to know more about them as a person. You may ask how customers hobbies or other types of activities are going. Do not be afraid to be more personal with them, maybe this is what they are missing.

This behavior by marketers can have a positive impact on customer attitudes and motivation and strengthen the relationship between each other.

10. Talk "human"

It is better to speak with the customer in an individual manner, as if you talk with your friends. This is the key to the hearts of your customers and it will make them return back again and again to you in natural way. Wherever you talk directly with the customer - at the sales pages or by e-mails - talk with your customer as if you were chatting with your friend. This is not only help to strengthen your relationship with your potential customers, but also increase reliability and brand of your company.

Listen, understand and react!

In summary, the key to customer engagement is - building a strong and reliable customer relationship.

Most companies underestimate and skip this step. Remember, once you engage your customers, make sure you keep the lines of strong communication with them and follow my tips to build your own strategy!

Everything you do - help customers make a right decision. Think about their needs, how they want to see your product, not your vision. Listen to them. They want to be heard! Keep track of their preferences and tendencies.

Remember, people read your blog and visit your websites because they want to find solutions they need. In other words, do not rush for profits. Be patient and it will surely pay off.

Munara Ibragimova Customer Success Manager

Posted on August 3rd, 2016