What’s UserEngage?

UserEngage makes it possible to see who is on your website and what the people are doing on your website. With all the collected data, it enables to create personalized messages and send them in an automated way.

With UserEngage you can:

  • understand your visitor behavior: collect all the data about every person visiting your website
  • engage customers: communicate with them in a real-time via UserEngage chat, email, SMS
  • automate all processes: send personalized messages with Actions

The platform has been created to solve the problem of using various engagement tools separately and merge the solutions into one application.

All data about your users

UserEngage provides you with the data on your visitors’ activities on your website in a real-time. You can see:

  • Where they come from
  • Which campaign is the referrer
  • What pages they visit & events they perform
  • Data including language, OS, location and more from their browsers

Segmentation. In order to deliver personalized communication, you can use the data about your users to categorize them. For example:

  • “users who are interested in product X”
  • “users who subscribed to newsletter”
  • “visitors who spent more than 10 minutes on website”
  • “visitors from social media”

All communicaton in one place

UserEngage gives you a broad range of communication tools including:

  • live chat - widget that enables you to interact with your users in a real-time
  • email campaigns
  • forms: help you gather information about your users, like the size of the company or email for newsletter
  • pop-ups - work great for informing your customers about discounts, news or events
  • SMS - with our Twilio integration you can send personalised SMS messages like information about invoice or heads-up for offline customers

Automating Communication

You can use the data you have about your users to communicate with them in a personalised way. UserEngage helps you do that with a simple drag&drop tool.

You create even the most complex communication flows by simply sketching them.


Detect users from a given website. Let’s say Twitter. So, whenever someone visits your website for the first time, the person will see a special message “Hi there! To show how happy we’re for having our Twitter friends here, you can use a 10% discount for [product]! Hurry, it’s on only today!